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Hey there! I'm TJ here - I'm the Owner of Mims Fitness, and Strength & Nutrition Coach. First, I'd like to thank you for visiting my website! A little about me: I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach for the last 4 years. Previously, I graduated from San Jose State University in 2008 with a degree in Advertising and spent 7 years working at Stanford University's School of Medicine. 

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, it's my job to apply my experience and education into all one beautifully packaged program so my clients get the most amazing results. I work with all sorts of different folks looking to build strength, improve flexibility, increase energy levels, and torch through body fat to reveal a strong, lean, and hard looking physique. I believe that strength training has a place in every program whether the goal is fat loss, hypertrophy, conditioning, sport-specific, and even if you're getting a little ripe in age. It can literally help everyone!

I specialize in helping folks look great naked. I also work with many clients who are interested in competing in powerlifting, or generally want to just get freakishly strong. My nutrition coaching will vary from client to client, but generally I prefer a flexible dieting approach, and do not write meal plans since they do not teach the client how to live a life free of nutritional rigidity. I'd much rather teach my clients how to eat for their goals without restrictions.  

Now, a little bit about me...


In a nutshell, I just really enjoy taking long romantic strolls over to deadlift platform. The primitive side of me just likes to pick up heavy object and put them down for fun. That and I can not count past 5, so it's best to leave my reps low and the weight really heavy!

My style of training varies on my goal and the program I'm following, but I typically prefer to train 4-6 times per week. Some of the different types of training I do are powerlifting, power building (mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting), boxing, and when appropriate, I'll do some sport-specific training.

When I'm not busy working with my amazing clients, I’m often found drinking far too much coffee - simply the most delightful beverage known to mankind. I'm a big fan of the New York Jets & New York Yankees. When I'm not working, I like to enjoy the simpler things in life: Hanging out with my family (Wife, two children, and two dogs), enjoying the beautiful California weather, cooking & BBQing, and even laying low by watching some TV playing a late night video game. I grew up playing video games, so when time allows I still like to school my wife and kids at Mario Kart. 

If you'd like to know more about me, you can clink the link below find out more about my background, personal life, and my own transformation.


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Obtaining a strong, lean, and healthy body can often be a life-changing experience, but often a goal many are unable to achieve. This reasons vary from a lack of motivation, knowledge, direction, accountability, or the inability to cope with social pressures. 

Having me as your physique coach, I can help you get on the right path...



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Personal Training


I'm looking for dedicated clients who would like to receive personal training a minimum of 2 times per week. 

Welcomed side effects of working with me include:

✔️ losing body fat/gaining muscle and strength
✔️ increased energy throughout the day. 
✔️ boosted confidence levels.
✔️ feeling and looking great naked!

Personal training packages can include a simple nutritional program to follow to help expedite your progress! 


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BBA Gym is located at a brand new semi-private personal training facility off of Tasman and Lawrence expressway in Sunnyvale, CA, and located conveniently between highways 101 and 237. Equipped with with a diverse group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Coaches and Persona Trainers, BBA Gym serves as an exceptional venue that is kept remarkably clean, and promotes a fun and safe workout environment. 






I have been working with TJ for the last 9 weeks, and this has probably been the best 9 weeks.  To begin, TJ and I sat down and conversed about goals, limitations, what changes I was willing to make, and those that just would not fit into my lifestyle or family dynamics.  Taking all into account, TJ was able to create a program that has been very easy to commit to, and maintain.  He is very easy to talk to, listens, asks questions, is incredibly caring and supportive, and does not treat an "off day" like the end of the world.


- Eric A.





*As with any fitness program, results may vary based on the individual. Mims Fitness Coaching can help people who are committed to making a change to their physique and willing to follow a macro-based nutritional program. Individual results are largely dependent on a client's ability to adhere to the program as designed.*




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